• v1.6.0 63d57ccd12

    NorbiPeti released this 2022-04-08 23:36:55 +00:00 | 0 commits to master since this release


    • Added support for marking a mod as known broken on the current version
    • Added support for automatically unpatching on game exit
      • This allows switching between official online gameplay and modded gaming quickly
      • This also means that the mod manager needs to be running when the game exits
    • Mods can no longer be (un)installed while the game is running
    • Added option to keep the game patched (which is what the previous behavior was)
      • Mostly for mod dev
  • v1.5.0 1cb3c200a9

    NorbiPeti released this 2021-07-11 23:22:14 +00:00 | 9 commits to master since this release


    • Removed Steam things (launching through Steam, patching before launch, game detection, verifying of game files)
    • Added launcher things (launcher and game detection, that's about it)
    • Automatically reading the game's current installed version (looking for a date starting with "202" so it'll only work in this decade)
    • Added outdated mod detection: if the game's version is newer than when the mod was last updated then it is considered out of date unless we explicitly specify (in the mod list) that it is known to work
    • Renamed to TBMM
    • Preparation to support localization in the mod manager


    • Checking if the mod repo in the list exists
    • Moved mod file lists to the game's folder so multiple copies of the mod manager can be used at different times without issues
  • v1.4.0 3cf307a3b8

    NorbiPeti released this 2021-01-21 01:14:18 +00:00 | 22 commits to master since this release


    • Some preparations to detect outdated mods
    • Added support for running from the command line
      • It will ensure the game is patched and launch the game with the command it receives
      • It will only show itself if patching is needed
      • It will ask if you want to disable mods after an update
    • Automatically detecting Steam install location (and logged in user)
      • Ideally this means that the game will always be detected automatically, and it helps with the addition below
    • Added option to automatically set the game launch options so it launches GCMM before the game
      • It can only be set if Steam isn't running - otherwise it asks the user to set it manually, copying the command on the clipboard
    • Added a ton of dialogs

    Fixes & improvements:

    • The mod list is now sorted
    • Added 'Apply to all' checkbox when overwriting existing mod/game files
    • Removing IPA.zip after extracting
    • Fixed trying to delete files that are in a nonexistent folder
    • Fixed checking Steam's default library for a Gamecraft installation (hopefully)

    Known issues:

    • In rare cases, it may ask you to log in to Steam and then complain that Steam is running when GCMM is started for the first time
  • v1.3.0 cb4473de58

    NorbiPeti released this 2020-10-03 13:41:31 +00:00 | 33 commits to master since this release


    • Support for updating GCIPA
    • Support checking for GCMM updates (it won't install them but point to the download)
    • When uninstalling a mod that isn't published, it will now remove it from the list


    • Fixed overwriting mod DLLs
    • Fixed deletion of mod files that are in a folder where there are no other files, just folders
    • Fixed the manager (sometimes) thinking the game is still patched after verifying through Steam - use GCMM's validate button for it to work
  • v1.2.0 f271028001

    NorbiPeti released this 2020-08-18 22:32:39 +00:00 | 37 commits to master since this release


    • Changed the "Run unpatched" checkbox to "Disable mods" - now it simply moves the Plugins folder away, so mods aren't loaded because restoring a(n old) backup can cause issues
    • Added support for refreshing the mod list and the game's state
    • Added a button to verify game files through Steam
    • Added some metadata
    • Added more words


    • Fixed handling the case when it can't find the game at all
    • Fixed GCMM sometimes picking the wrong backup to compare against
  • v1.1.0 706e9c5393

    NorbiPeti released this 2020-07-18 20:52:18 +00:00 | 41 commits to master since this release


    • Added some support for Linux (installing mods, starting the game)
    • Added support for the preview branch of Gamecraft and mods created for it using the -preview version suffix
    • Automatically installing/updating GamecraftModdingAPI as most mods need it (when switching from the preview to the original, reinstall the API)


    • Fixed list color after updating a mod
    • Fixed the manager "finding" Gamecraft at the libraryfolders.vdf file location
    • Made it check Gamecraft's exe on load and when checking state
    • Showing "(Un)Patch & Play" when needed
  • v1.0.0 407724fb0d

    NorbiPeti released this 2020-06-18 18:05:14 +00:00 | 45 commits to master since this release

    Download, unzip somewhere and run. Install mods, then click Play. Hopefully, it all works.

    If SmartScreen blocks the application, click More information and run anyway. I promise it's not a virus. (It's just an unknown application.)