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Unofficial Techblox modding API for interfacing Techblox from mods.

The TechbloxModdingAPI aims to simplify the mods in two ways:

  • Ease-of-Use The API provides convenient ways to do common tasks such as moving blocks and adding commands. All of the Harmony patching is done for you, so you can focus on writing your mod instead of reading swathes of undocumented code.
  • Stability The API aims to be reliable and consistent between versions. This means your code won't break when the TechbloxModdingAPI or Techblox updates.

For more info, please check out the official documentation.

For more support, join the ExMods Discord.


Please follow the official mod installation guide or use GCMM.


To get started, create a symbolic link called ref in the root of the project, or one folder higher, linking to the Techblox install folder. This will allow your IDE to resolve references to Techblox files for building and IDE tools.

TechbloxModdingAPI version numbers follow the Semantic Versioning guidelines.

External Libraries

TechbloxModdingAPI includes Harmony to modify the behaviour of existing Techblox code.


This API is an unofficial modification of Techblox software, and is not endorsed or supported by FreeJam or Techblox. The TechbloxModdingAPI developer(s) claim no rights on the Techblox code referenced within this project. All code contained in this project is licensed under the GNU Public License v3.